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Makeup Trends for Winter

Makeup Tips and Trends For Your Party!
Exclusive Interview with Makeup Artist Shanette Seipt of L'Exquisite

Professional Esthetician and Make-up Artist, Shanette Seipt, Founder of L'Exquisite Inc, tells you about the tips and trends in Makeup this Holiday Season in an exclusive interview.

Shanette has her own line of cosmetics and has also won the Oakville Beaver Reader Selection Platinum Award for Best Esthetician.

Visit Shanette at L'Exquisite Inc (TONS of Beauty Tips await you here!) and Shop for L'Exquisite Products at her website. Shanette has also recently launched her ebook - Beauty Tips 4 a New You. You can get a sneak preview as well as buy the ebook online.

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Does Makeup for Winters require any special care?

First of all you must always prepare your skin first by cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Morning and night. Use a sunscreen every day even during the winter months.

Foundations are useful to even out the skin tone. I recommend a good quality dual foundation. It's a combination of liquid and powder in one compact. It's easy to use and gives perfect coverage without feeling heavy. They are usually oil free and contain a sunscreen. The foundation should match the skintone on your neck. Apply it all over with a big powder brush. Use a smaller brush or a latex wedge to apply it under your eyes and on top of your eye lids.

What are the makeup trends for this season -- Winter 2003-2004?

Bronzing Set from L'ExquisiteThe biggest trend this season are bronzing products. With a few products you can create a whole new look in minutes.

Start with a Bronzer. They are available in various forms. Personally I prefer the powder compact with a bit of shimmer for that healthy glow. It's perfect for day and night and often eliminates the need for foundation. It can be applied with a big powder brush or a latex wedge.

Bronzing suits every skin tone from dark to pale at any age. It gives a gorgeous, smooth, sun tanned, shimmery look without looking overdone. Compliment the look with a bronze nail polish, a bronze or gold lipstick or Lip-gloss, a suitable Lip liner, some glimmer eyeshadow and you're on your way to bedazzle.

Holiday season is a season for parties. New Years -- which look is 'in' this season?

Shimmer, Shimmer and Shimmer!

Use shimmery eyeshadows on top of your lids in combination with matte if you want. Use a Highlighter under the brow bone, on your cheeks, or on your shoulders. A New Shimmer Lipsticks from L'Exquisitewonderful and easy way to create this look is by using "Sparkle Dust". It's subtle and very effective. It looks great in your hair as well. Gold and silver tones are very in.

Trendy shimmer lipstick colors range from gold, to deep red and wine shades to earth tones.

And for those who do not want to experiment with the latest trends?

Lightly dust some dual foundation all over your face first. Use matte, neutral eyeshadows. Apply a peach or earth tone blush just under your cheek bones and blend.

Suggestion for a very simple, classy, yet effective look: Apply a light peach or orange eyeshadow all over your eyelid. Apply it from the lashline to the brow. Outline your eyes around the lashline with a charcoal or dark colored eye pencil or eyeshadow. Smudge it with a Q-tip and apply 2 coats of mascara. This will work for almost anyone.
If your skin is very dark use a bright orange eyeshadow with a gold, silver, or other bright colored eye pencil.

Matte red lipsticks make a big comeback this season. The most popular shade is bright red. Of course you can tone it down to a less vibrant red as well. Use a red lipliner to outline your lips first for a finished look. That's a very classy look.

What are the best ways to do up nails for the season?

Artificial nails are of course always in. Natural nails should be short and filed straight across. Make sure that the edges aren't sharp.

Trendy nail polishes range from bronze to wine or burgundy, to earth tones. Your lipstick and nail polish doesn't have to match, but should be from the same color family.

Jazz up your nails by adding a stripe of glitter polish on each nail. If you have rhinestones, decorate one nail by sticking one or more of the stones into wet nail polish. Seal it with clear polish.

What steps should be taken to ensure proper removal of makeup?

Removing Makeup is a very important step. Your skin cells renew themselves at night. Make a point of not going to bed with your makeup on, no matter how tired you are. Negligence plays havoc with your skin. Use a makeup remover to take off your makeup, then follow with a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

If you don't have a makeup remover, put a drop of Baby oil or Almond oil on a moist cotton pad and remove your makeup that way.

What beauty care regime would you suggest for Winters?

I recommend treating yourself to a facial at least 4 times a year to keep your skin in top condition. Use a gentle facial scrub once or twice a week and a richer moisturizer during the winter months or if your skin feels dry. Use good quality skin care products for your skin type.

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