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Building a Bra Wardrobe - The Right Number of Bras

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Building a Bra Wardrobe - The Right Number of Bras

How many bras should you have? No, this isn't a trick question--it's just a question designed to get you thinking. So what's the correct answer? There isn't one really, although many "fashion experts" go as far as suggesting an entire bra wardrobe, chosen from the following bra styles:

* Three to five everyday bras. Consider what you like in an everyday bra--something seamless to slip unnoticed under your fitted T-shirts? Something to minimize your generous cup-size? Perhaps something to play up your delicate assets? Make a list of what you like and need in your everyday bra and search until you find a comfortable model that meets those wants. Once you've found it, get yourself at least three of them. (Make sure one of them is flesh-toned, to blend inconspicuously under sheer clothing.) This will ensure you will always have a clean one ready.

* A backless or strapless style--or one of each--to wear under formal attire.

* A convertible bra can be helpful if you wear a large variety of necklines , backless outfits and sleeveless shirts. As its name suggests, a convertible bra has adjustable straps that allow the bra to be transformed into a halter, racer-back, one-shoulder or strapless style.

* A demi cup bra is a must-have for seduction--and a flattering choice for small to medium breasts. A contoured, underwire style, the cups are partially cut away in order to expose the top of the breast. The shoulder straps are usually set on the wide side, letting you safely wear a large variety of low necklines.

* A push-up bra can be used to give extra lift to breasts of any size, but is particularly helpful in giving small and medium breasts a fuller look. It's made with extra padding at the underside of each cup. Some designs go a step further by pushing breasts high on the chest.

* A long-line bra is an old-fashioned looking thing, midriff-skimming in length and with waist panels to help slim the figure. Despite it's appearance, however, the long-line bra remains popular for the smooth, sleek silhouette it imparts.

* Racerback bras feature the same T-back or X-back as many competion-style swimsuits. The advantage of this back style is twofold: Not only do the center-anchored straps render the bra invisible under similarly-styled shirts, they are terrific for narrow-shouldered women who have difficulty keeping traditional bra straps on the shoulders.

* Sports bra helps prevent exercise-induced sagging by holding breasts tightly to the chest. Many sports bras are categorized by the level of physical impact they can protect against. If you are athletically-inclined, you may need a separate wardrobe of sports bras.

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