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6 Classic Hairstyles that Never Fail

Hairstyles come and hairstyles go, but if you are looking for a never fail hairstyle, go in for some true and tried classics that are here to stay. We give you our all time favorite hairstyles and how to achieve the look in a jiffy. A point necessary to mention is that we have left out the classic straight look for any length of hair which in itself is a never fail classic look for any face.

1. Layers: Layers were in much before Jennifer Aniston started sporting them in 'Friends' bringing to the world the 'Rachel' look. Whether you get your layers curled in or out, whether you have layers in your medium length hair or long hair, layers are simply the most chic look to hit the fashion scene.

Try some of our favorite looks in layered hairstyles:

2. Ponytails: Angelina Jolie does it with her long locks, Charlize Theron does it to her medium length waves and even Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Aniston and Keira Knightley sport it often. The classic ponytail and its numerous variations never fail to please. Although most celebrities today sport high ponytails, low, mini, stacked and looped ponytails are often seen and never really went out of fashion.

3. Long Waves: Long hair can become boring for some but there is simply nothing to beat the look of sexy waves in long hair. You never need to follow the season or a trend to sport this look.

Try some of our favorite looks in long wavy styles:

Faith Hill

Jessica Alba

Angelina Jolie

Beyonce Knowles

4. Long Curls: Another long hair favorite is curls. It is hard to imagine any era of fashion without curly long hair. Some of the hottest celebrities sport this look and so does your next door good looking neighbor and the college prom queen!

Here are our favorites to try:

5. The Bob Cut: I remember my Mom getting me a short Bob  cut to make things manageable. Bobs have been in since long and are too versatile and stylish to get outdated soon. From chin length to shoulder length, choose a Bob that suits you. It turned Nicole Ritchie into a fashion diva overnight and it could do the same for you!

6. Classic Updos: Long or medium length hair has been beautifully treated through ages by sweeping the hair up in exotic and funky fashions. From the tight buns to elegant curled arrangements to buns and twists, anything 'up done' has always been very classy. The only change to affect this classic hairstyle is that it has emerged from a solely formal hair arrangement to one that can safely be sported at any party. Still, it is really very easy to spot which updos are appropriate for formal events and which ones for more informal ones.

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