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Interview with MARIE WEAVER of

Trends in Lingerie have been changing just like any other fashion industry. One of the big fashion trends currently is the return of the corsets. Along with Corsets, Body Stockings and Costumes are also in vogue. Bridal and Plus-Sized Lingerie are at their peaks. So, what's in, what's out and what's hot...who else but Marie Weaver could tell us better!

Marie Weaver owns 'Bare Sinsations' - a Sexy Lingerie Boutique featuring over 500 styles of lingerie and accessories in misses, full-figured and men's fashions located in northern Ohio and in southern Arkansas.

In this Interview, we talk to Marie about the Trends in Lingerie, Lingerie Care, the Lingerie Business - everything you ever wanted to know about Lingerie.

Ok! This one is MY favorite!Marie, please tell us something about yourself.

I'm 34 years old and a single mother of one 6-year-old boy. Most of my employment years were spent in management where I was supervisor for a small grocery store company for 8 years. I enjoy travel, shopping, fashion, web design, crafts, home improvements and family outings.

How long has Bare Sinsations been in the Lingerie Business and what prompted you to enter this business?

We've been in business since 1999. It all began when I first built a web site for my mother's business. Seeing her business flourish online gave me the idea to start one of my own. I knew I wanted to market some type of clothing since I've always enjoyed the fashion world. A short supply of high quality lingerie websites led to my conclusion to venture into this business.

What does it take to start a Lingerie business? Is the business

I started my business with $1000 in cash and the will to make it work. Finding the right wholesalers and manufacturers to work with made it very easy for me to start my business up. The lingerie business in general is more labor-intensive, but that doesn't really apply to us, as we don't manufacture our own clothes.

How is the market? Has there been an increase in this business? Is there too much competition?

For the most part the market has been fairly consistent. Our sales have gradually increased each year, with this past year seeing significant growth. There are hundreds of lingerie companies online but the majority of them I don't really see as competition. Most of them I don't feel possess the same level of professionalism within their storefront.

What is your role in this business?

I'm involved in every facet of the business. I created, designed and
maintain the website. I'm the fashion buyer, manager, customer service rep and shipping clerk. Along with some part-time help, I work hands on everyday in my business. At this point, we do not design our own lingerie, but in the future we plan to design and create a line exclusively for plus size women. That particular market is booming and it's very hard to find a variety of plus size lingerie. I believe that the plus size woman is beautiful and she should be able to express her beauty just as any other woman.

Where do you outsource the Lingerie from?

We receive our lingerie from manufacturers that design their own lines.

What are your basic concerns about each and every piece of lingerie - comfort or looks or a blend of both?

Aside from cost, those are the two main concerns for anyone in the clothing industry. I want each piece to not only look appealing, but to be comfortable as well. I feel that our designers do a great job of making their lingerie sexy while at the same time maintaining a high level of comfort.

Speaking of Lingerie and Comfort, is it possible for everyone to feel comfy in ready-to-wear lingerie? What is the importance of choosing correct sizes? Isn't there a demand for more 'made-to-order' lingerie for different shapes and sizes?

In general I'd have to say that ready-to-wear lingerie is comfy to most people. It's just like clothing in a department store, while it may look and feel good on one person, the next it may not.  Everyone's body is proportioned so differently. Sizing is very important, which is why most companies have their own size charts that need to be reviewed before purchasing any type of clothing. As we all know, no two pieces of clothing fit the same. Corsets are the most made-to-order item that I've seen so far.

If you want the piece just to look sexy and appealing, then ready-to-wear would fit that demand, but if you want a corset to wear in the way it was made to wear, I'd strongly suggest spending the extra money and having it tailored to your body.

What colors are supposed to be the trendiest today, when it comes to Lingerie? Are black and white still ruling, or people are trying new colors?

The last few years we've seen a lot of new very bright and bold colors come on the market. They do fairly well but black, red, and white are by far the most popular.

You must be having customers from various backgrounds and different ages. What appeals most to whom?

The most popular style with brides is our corsets, with long white gowns coming in second. Baby dolls and Chemises are the best sellers for our plus size women. The majority of our customers are married men buying items for their wives, which tend to be the most revealing items we carry.

What are the best materials for Lingerie? Please explain the plus points of each?

These are my personal favorites; all are very strong and liable fabrics that do not need extra maintenance. (No Dry Cleaning)

Charmeuse - An opaque shiny fabric, it has the appearance of satin but less expensive.

Tapestry - A rich looking fabric, similar in appearance to the heavy designs used in making curtains. It is made for corsets and is a very strong material that holds up well.

Slinky Knit - A soft, elastic knit fabric that conforms to the shape of the body. Used mostly for gowns or dresses, it's very comfy while at the same time incredibly sexy. If you have the curves, this will definitely show them off.

Satin - Shiny, woven fabric that is still #1 to most.

What are the latest trends in Lingerie?

Body stockings and more body stockings, these are by far the most popular item we carry. Also, costumes are becoming increasingly more popular among consumers this year than we've seen in the past.

Coming to Bridal Lingerie, is there change in the market trends? Are the 'would-be' brides giving more importance to Lingerie as a part of their trousseau now, than before?

I've definitely seen an increase in bridal lingerie over the past year.
Brides are more into buying what can be worn under their gowns. They tend to purchase white or off-white corsets and long gowns for that special romantic night.

What colors, textures and styles would you suggest to brides?

I would suggest a corset or bustier in either a satin or tapestry fabric in a white or off-white color. These can be used under the gown for support as well as sexy lingerie at night.

What do you recommend for plus-sized women?

As a plus size woman myself, I fancy to the corsets and bustiers. These are extremely sexy and they do a little waist cinching and uplifting as well.

Marie's Favorite piece! for your own choice! If you were to choose one product from your store, which one would that be?

My own personal favorite would be Item #EI6991X-Boned Satin Strapped Corset. I enjoy wearing it because it gives me curves and makes me feel as if I've taken 10 pounds off instantly, which in turn makes me feel much sexier.

Is great-looking Lingerie costly? How can one stay within a budget and still buy good Lingerie?

Shopping for lingerie is really no different than anything else, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Beware of  "cheap" lingerie, because it's exactly that. I've purchased from other stores and paid what I thought was a reasonable price, but once I received the merchandise, I was very disappointed in the quality. So in reality, I overpaid. Our goal is to sell high quality lingerie at very affordable prices.

Does Lingerie need special care? Any tips for Lingerie care? How to care for lingerie?

Lingerie should be hand washed with sensitive soap that does not bleach or degrade the delicate fabrics of your garments. If you must use a washing machine, we recommend that you place your delicate items in a lingerie bag and wash them on the gentle cycle. Avoid the dryer at all costs as the heat from the dryer destroys the gentle fibers of the garment. Line-dry garments.

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