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Caring for your Swimsuit

1) Washing
After swimming in the ocean or the pool, always rinse your swimsuit with regular tap water. In doing so, you will eliminate most of the salt and chlorine which are the principle chemicals that affect the Nylon and spandex fibers. From time to time, you should also HAND WASH (never in a washing machine even at gentle cycle) your suit with a cool water liquid detergent (like Zero or Woolite). Never use bleach!

2) Drying
It is highly recommended that you HANG DRY your swimsuit. Make sure that it is dried in an artificially lit environment (regular home lighting will do fine) and not outside or the clothesline. The sun naturally causes colored fabrics to fade.

3) Storing
Avoid putting your swimsuit away until it is completely dry. If it is stored while still wet or humid, it could become discolored. For the same reason avoid leaving it in a bag or a damp towel.

4) Oils and Lotions
When applying oil based sun tan lotions, minimize direct contact with your swimsuit as the oils naturally cause the swimsuit elastics to breakdown.

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