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 Why I Became A Publisher?
By: Audra Gehrke

There's a few reasons why I decided to publish my own ezine. I know a lot of you have heard about building your own opt-in list. Publishing your own ezine will help you build your opt-in list.

You can sell advertising space in your ezine. You can offer your subscriber's specials of your own. You can announce new programs to help you get a head start on building your downlines. Those are a few of
the main reasons to have your own opt-in list.

When I first started online I didn't have anyone to show or teach me anything. So I had to take on this adventure all alone. Not an easy task as most of you know. Finding resources and the like was not easy
either. So I started to see that that was the market I wanted to be in.

I wanted to be able to find those resources and share them with other's. Those of us who work online 10 to 15 hours a day don't have the time to go searching for resources. So I took it upon myself to do that for
other's. And I have to tell you, I just love it.

Helping other's is what life is all about and now I have the chance to do that. Nothing can make me feel better about myself then helping someone out. I take great pride in my ezine and other tasks that I do. I do the best I can and the results have been just great. Thanks to all of my great subscriber's, and other's who have come into my path along my journey.:)

If you don't think you can't write, think again. I never thought I would be a publisher and editor but I am. Writing and talking are 2 different things.
If you would sit down and give yourself 30 minutes I bet you could write an article. Think about it, because having your own ezine can definitely benefit you in the long run. It will also benefit your subscriber's. You'll be giving back to the people.

You don't have to write articles but that's a good way to start and get your name out there.

So I became a publisher to build my own opt-in list. I became a publisher to find resources for other's. I became a publisher to help other's.
And I became a publisher because I now love to write.

Oh and one more thing. Nothing will replace the nice comments people give you when you do a good job. They will let you know and then you can pat yourself on the back. It really is a great feeling.

So for all of you who have been wanting to start your own ezine I say to you....Just Do It! :)

Wishing you the best!


Audra Gehrke is the owner of Ecommerce Resources:  & she's also the
publisher of Ecommerce Resources Ezine:  & the
Author of:


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