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Candle Making Tips

Basic Candles: Here's just a simple recipe to make candles. Now you no longer need to look for any. Make them at home. All you need are a few things.

Can, Cup,
Oil/wax Crayons, Ice
Pot, Stick, String
Pan, Knife, Cardboard


Place the paraffin and some crayon shavings in the enamel cup. Set the cup in a pot of water and heat it.

Tie the string to a stick and then soak it in paraffin into the centre of the mould. This will form the wick of the candle.

Pour the melted paraffin into the mould. After it has hardened heat the mould a little. Then you can slide the candle out. If the container is a tin then the sides can be broken instead of the candle sliding out.

For Swiss-cheese candle: Pour some ice into the container. Pour in the melted paraffin. The ice will melt leaving a candle that has holes in it.

For a layered candle: Using crayon shavings make different colored batches of melted paraffin. Then pour one color at a time into the mould.

Star candle: Spread oil into the cake pan. Pour in melted paraffin. When the paraffin starts to harden cut into stars.

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