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Eggshell Candles

It is simple to make these tiny candles that will light up your table for Easter! The light glows through the eggshells. Make lots of these for a beautiful effect.


Wax crystals from craft store
Birthday candles
Lighter or matches
(Optional: Iridescent glitter Spray adhesive)


1. Carefully break the eggs about 1/3 of the way from the top. Use or discard egg contents; wash shells, dry completely.

2. Spray the eggs with spray adhesive and quickly roll once in the glitter, if you desire a sparkly look. Let adhesive FULLY DRY before exposing candles to heat or flame! We are not responsible if you do something dumb and burn your hair off! Read instructions on adhesive carefully!!!

3. Trim birthday candles so they are the same height as the eggshell bottoms. Melt the bottom of the candles so they will stand up in the bottom of the eggshell.

4. Fill around the birthday candles with wax crystals. The wax will melt when you light the candles and give off a pretty glow!

5. Place eggshell candles in a bowl of marbles or in individual egg cups.

by Meredith Mooney

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