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Making A Spring Wreath For Easter

Why should Christmas be the only time that your much-neglected front door gets to dress up? With these simple instructions, you can make a beautiful wreath to welcome your Easter guests.


• Styrofoam wreath
• 2 10 ft rolls satin wired ribbon 1 ½ to 2 in wide-different colors that look good together (For a bright look, use pink and lavender; for a more subdued look, use ivory and buttercup, or two ribbons of the same color but a different style, e.g. sage green ribbon in grosgrain and satin)
• Optional: Wired silk flowers that come in sprigs (waxflowers, spray roses, baby’s breath)
• Hot glue gun
• Straight pins


1. Unroll each roll of ribbon and pin one end of each ribbon to the same spot. Ribbon should be totally overlapping.

2. Now grab each ribbon and wrap around the back of the wreath. Make an X with the ribbon, crossing it over, and bring it back around. Make an X on the front, wrap, bring it back around. If you need to put pins in the back side of the wreath to keep the ribbon from slipping, you can.

3. Your goal should be to overlap the ribbons all the way around the wreath so that none of the Styrofoam shows.

4. Finish by cutting off the ribbon at the end and pinning it so that the pin does not show.

5. Now that your wreath is covered in ribbons, there are a few different ways you can finish it off:

  • By decorating the top with a fabulous bow using both ribbon colors. Floral department workers at your local craft store can help you learn how to make awesome bows.

  • Hot glue sprigs of small flowers randomly around the wreath

  • Make a small arrangement of silk flowers and greenery. Secure to the top of the wreath with hot glue. Then, loosely tie a bow around the wreath and the middle of the already-attached arrangement.

There are really no rules for an Easter wreath, so you can have fun! If a more traditional style with greenery and flowers suits you, do that, by all means. This is only one way to let your front door be a part of the special celebration. Let your imagination run wild!

by Meredith Mooney

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