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Homemade Craft Gift Ideas

Homemade Candles are perfect for Christmas

1. Homemade Candles are perfect for Christmas. Melt paraffin wax, add candle scents and pour in greased molds containing wicks or make candles using the traditional dipping method. Use festive colors and scents. Place candles in a box or tie several grouped ones with a ribbon.

2. Refrigerator Magnets can be made from Plaster of Paris and painted with desired colors and given as gifts.

3. Cozy Fleece Scarf

Materials needed:
2 yards of fleece material

Fold into half side to side. Trim each side to ensure a straight cut.

Open fold, then cut down the middle to make 2 separate scarves, or 3 depending how narrow you want your scarf. Fold in half from end to end. Take one layer and cut the end to make a fringe. About 3 inches long, 1 inch apart. Be sure to use a sharp pair of scissors. Then cut the other layer while using the first layer as a guide.

4. Holiday themed Fabric Coasters are great gifts to give. Cut 2 pre cut quilting squares (found in fabric and craft stores!). Cut thin piece of batting the same size as material prints. Place two squares right sides together and place batting on top of the squares. Sew the pillow around three and 1/2 sides. Turn right side out and sew the rest of the way around tucking in seam as you sew.

Make 6-8 of these, stack them making a pile and tie them with a ribbon using a bow on top.

5. Teacup candles can be seen in most stores. Making them is very easy. Use your vintage or other pretty, mismatched teacups to hold melted paraffin and candle wick. When the wax starts cooling down, sprinkle some glitter on the top.

6. Decorate a diary or a notebook by any work of art that you are good at, or by gluing pressed flowers and foliage. Cover the diary with plastic film or clear self adhesive book covering.

7. Knitted or Crocheted apparels can be given as personalized gifts to close relatives and friends.

8. Purchase plain pillow cases and decorate them with embroidery, fabric paints, appliqué etc. You can even monogram them to personalize them.

9. Handkerchiefs, Napkins etc. can be monogrammed and given as gifts.

10. Plain Towels can be decorated by sewing decorative ribbon on them.

11. Pretty lace-edged kerchiefs can be filled with potpourri, gathered together and tied with a ribbon to make ‘Handkerchief Scent Sachets’.

12. Any apron can be given a festive look by appliquéing small Christmas motifs like bells, holly, poinsettias etc. at the edges.

13. Make small pillows from leftover fabric and fill them with dried lavender and flax seeds to make ‘Eye Pillows’.

14. Gift a wreath made of dried material that will last for years. 71. Wreaths and Swags made of dried fruits like lemons, apples etc. or Pomander balls made of dried grapefruit covered with cloves will also make gifts apt for Christmas.

15. Make your own Potpourri and wrap it in cellophane. Place the cellophane packets in fabric bags. Mix your favorite Christmassy spices like cinnamon, mint, allspice and dried fruits and fruit peel and mix them with a few drops of essential oil. Store in airtight containers away from direct sunlight till used.

16. Gift a box of Pinecone Fireplace Starters. Tie strings around the pine cones and dip them first in melted wax and then in some fireplace sparkler stuff. Place in a decorative box using potpourri as a filler.

17. Gift personalized Christmas stockings by making stockings from leftover felt or other material from your home. Sew or glue felt cutouts in Christmas shapes and embroider the recipient’s name on the stocking. Don’t forget to stuff the stocking with goodies before gifting.

18. Decorate simple and inexpensive photo frames with sea shells, beads etc.

19. Make wine charms by stringing beads and charms on wine charm rings. Wine charms will make a nice hostess gift.

20. Gift a close relative or friend a scrapbook complete with pictures, quotes and sweet memories from the past.

21. For a cooking enthusiast, make a personalized recipe book comprising of your best and ‘most requested recipes.

22. Make and gift your own Christmas place mats. These place mats are easy to wipe clean and can last for more that just one holiday season. Use poster board or some other stiff paper to begin this craft. Use your old Christmas cards or even worn decorations to cut out your desired images and arrange them on the stiff paper. If the stiff paper shows through and you would like a more festive background, you can ‘wrap’ the stiff paper in Christmas wrap or tissue before placing on your images. Cover your paper and images with clear contact paper.

23. Beaded Jewelry can be made using the vast variety of beads and tones available at craft stores and makes a great gift for girls and women.

24. If you are good at quilting, fleece blankets will be a cozy gift for any gift recipient at this time of the year.

25. Handmade Christmas Tree ornaments make lovely gifts and are treasured for a long, long time to come.

These gift ideas first appeared in the 2004 issue of 'Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine', a freely downloadable magazine, and is an excerpt from the feature '101 Homemade Gift Ideas'.

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