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Balloon Ice Cream Cone Decorations

Fashion ice-cream cones out of thick paper such as old wall calendars and tape on balloons to make them look like ice-cream cones. Large decorations like these will set the theme for your Ice Cream or Summer themed party.

Balloon Ice Cream Cone DecorationsWhat you will need:

  • Large sheets of thick paper like card stock, old wall calendar paper, old glossy magazines or newspapers etc.
  • Round Blown-up Balloons preferably in pastel colors - one for each decoration
  • Poster or Acrylic Paints
  • Clear Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Computer & Printer - Optional


1. Make a cone out of your paper using glue or tape to close. Our cone turned out to be 16" long (including the balloon). The width of the mouth should be kept such that the balloon fits in. Cut uneven parts from top to level the edges.

2. Cover working surface with newspapers or old cloth pieces and paint your cone in amber yellow color. You can use any other color as well. You don't need to be too neat and don't use too much color to hide the printed stuff on your paper. Just give the entire cone a yellow-brown-orange tone. Since it will be a large surface, a good idea is to dip a cotton ball in paint and rub on the cone surface. A large paint brush will work fine too.

3. Let the cone dry for 15-20 minutes.

4. Place the balloon on the cone and use clear tape to fix it to the edges of the mouth of the cone. Place the tape horizontally in such a way that half the tape is on the balloon and the remaining half on the cone. Go all around the cone in the same way to ensure that your balloon stays in place.

5. Print off the words 'I Scream You Scream For Ice Cream' on your printer and cut in strips as shown. Glue these strips however you like on the cone. You can also choose to decorate the cone in any other way or just keep it like that.

6. Use the decorations wherever you like. We taped ours on the walls and windows using double sided tape.

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