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(Exercise Caution)

Paper or Fabric
Foam Board
Paper Towels
Long White Potatoes
Paper Plates
Sponge Brushes
Cotton Swabs

1. Wash and dry the fabric and use no fabric softener. Place the desired material on top of the foam board. Foam board is used because it can be wiped off with wet paper towels between colors and reused. Make several test sheets for stamping by folding two paper towels together.

2. Cut the potatoes in half long ways. Use the pencil to draw on the potato the design you want to print. Cut away the part of the potato that is not part of your design. Simple designs work best.

3. Pour small puddles of paint onto the paper plates. Apply the paint to the design using the sponge brush and place the design in the desired place. Two or more colors can be used on the same potato but use separate sponges for each color. You can make light impressions of the design by applying it a second or third time on the same material but at a different angle. You can also use two shades of the same color but do one color at a time. You can use the folded paper towels to test your image before placing it on your project. Don't move the potato as this will blur the image produced. Use a cotton swab to remove any unwanted paint on your potato before applying it and for touching up any missed spots. Wash the potato between colors and be sure to wipe off your foam board with a wet paper towel often, to prevent any transfer of paint.

4. If using a fabric for this project, let your fabric dry flat and do not wash it for at least 72 hours.

Note: Fabric Paint can be used for this project.

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