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Your Body, Your Cervical Smear, Your Responsibility!

Do you dread that most personal of check-ups, the Cervical Smear? It is no secret for most women; it is one of the most feared routine checks they will go through. There is always the temptation to put it off, but please think again before postponing that appointment!

It may not be a pleasant experience, but it is a necessary one and it could just mean the difference between life-and-death to many women. Detecting abnormal cells as soon as possible, greatly improves the chances of early treatment. Not all cell changes mean they are of the cancerous type, but only a smear test will determine this.

Abnormal cells can take up to 5 years to turn cancerous in some cases, but if left undetected, the results can be devastating. Receiving Laser treatment early enough, improves the chances of abnormal cells becoming healthy once again and every possibility they will stay that way.

It is too easy to ignore attending for a smear test if you do not feel any pain or discomfort. That does not mean that everything must be all right and presume there is no need for testing. When problems do become obvious, it is usually because it has gone too far and is much more difficult to cure, if at all. It is sad that so many women are still dying of this problem, especially since there are so many opportunities to have checks done nowadays. However unpleasant smear tests may be, they are never going to be as unpleasant as the outcome if left untreated.

If you have Daughters, encourage them to attend for regular testing, especially if they have been sexually active from a young age. First smear testing begins around 19 years old and normally carried out every three years after that.

No woman should ever presume that it would not happen to her. To put it bluntly, cancer is a killer, it does not discriminate between old or young, race, or social class, all women are at risk and regular smear tests can reduce the chances of getting cervical cancer. It is far better to have ten minutes of unpleasantness than a lifetime of treatment. Or worse still, no life at all.

Appointments are booked through your regular General Practitioners surgery, health clinic, or family planning services.

Most women want to look after and care for their families, but to do this it is important they take care of their own health needs first. By staying fit and healthy, they are far better equipped to care for others in the long term.

Author: L.T. Wright

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