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Health Risks Associated With Obesity

Weight Loss has come to be associated with looking good of late. But there is much more to gaining weight than just looking ugly. Women need to be aware of the health risks associated with weight gain to be able to prevent undesirable situations for themselves and their families. Take a look at how obesity can lead to disastrous results and start taking steps to ensure a healthy life for your family.

Metabolic Syndrome

Never heard of that before? Well, you must definitely have heard of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Blood Cholesterol levels and Triglyceride levels. All these combined together are known as 'Metabolic Syndrome' and Obesity is one of the major risks leading to this clustering of diseases.

Heart-related Problems

One of the major risks posed by Obesity is Heart Failure. Weight Reduction through regular dietary control and physical activity is an important non-pharmacological measure to prevent heart failure. Another heart related risk posed by obesity is 'Enlarged Heart' which in turn leads to other problems like arrhythmia and dizziness, varicose veins etc.

Women's Health Problems

Women who wish to conceive must specially beware of the risks associated with obesity. From hormonal disorders like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) to even Infertility issues, weight gain poses a big threat. It might also cause stillbirth. Obesity is also an important risk factor for Breast Cancer and Uterine Cancer. Obesity also causes several menstrual disorders and other disorders like the inability to control urine excretion.

Digestion Problems

Obesity affects the Digestive Tract which is responsible for digestion and excretion and hence causes diseases like the 'Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease' which indicates damage produced by the abnormal reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus, fatty liver disease, gallstones, hernia, and colorectal cancer.

Skin-related Problems

Stretch marks and cellulite are women's worst enemies and you owe them to your weight. And what is more, your weight might also be the culprit behind hyper pigmentation of your skin, Lymphoedema, boils and inflammations or rashes in your skin.

Affecting Your Body

Obesity leads to increased Uric Acid levels in your body which lead to severe complications like Gout which may even lead to Kidney Stones. Arthritis, immobility, pain in the thighs and back pain (especially lower back pain) also owe their causes to the extra pounds that you carry.

Affecting Your Brain

Obesity also causes brain damage, the effects of which slowly start to show up in the form of memory loss, loss of attention, increasingly lacking problem-solving abilities, disorientation from a subject etc. The causes of headaches and depression are also attributed to weight gain. The worst obesity can affect your brain is by initiating or supporting a stroke which could prove fatal.

It is not too late to gear up and form a 'Healthy Lifestyle Plan' for yourself and your family and bring it into immediate action. This could certainly be the best thing you ever did for your family.

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