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Is the Sandwich Really Helping You Lose Pounds?

The favorite meal of all dieters alike is a Sandwich. Satisfying and filling, it seems to be the perfect alternative to a fatty burger or a steak. But is it really helping you cut down calories or are you simply substituting one type of unhealthy meal for another?

Here are some reasons why your sandwich may not be as healthy as you think it is:

1. White bread isn't a healthy option, especially for diabetics. In fact, you will be more likely to continue having belly fat because body is not receiving proper nutrition.

2. The choice of meats added to your sandwich can easily match up with a chicken-fry of hamburger and fries.

3. Beneath the bread, it's a whole lot of cheeses which can total to half the amount of your day's worth of calories.

4. Sandwiches are usually overstuffed and serve as a complete meal stuffed between slices of bread. Most of the time, the stuffing is twice the serving size recommended by food experts and at times, it is more than the recommended servings for an entire day.

5. Coming to the spreads, did you know that one single tablespoon of mayonnaise has 12 grams. And we are supposed to limit our fat to 65 grams a day.

6. You must have seen dieters going in for Tuna salad sandwiches but you can never be more wrong with a choice than this one. A Tuna salad sandwich, with nearly a quarter cup of mayonnaise, is almost 20 times fattier than a Chicken breast sandwich.

So what do you do to make your 'Sandwich Diet' work?

1. Start with eliminating mayonnaise altogether. Mustard makes for a better option anytime.

2. Choose lean meats. The leanest lunch meats are turkey, chicken breast and roast beef.

3. Trade in your favorite tuna salad sandwich for a chicken breast on multigrain bread for a healthier option.

4. Even when choosing turkey, go for the breast and reduce two thirds of the fat.

5. Eliminate multiple layers of fat on your sandwich. If you have to have ham, skip the cheese. If you can't do without cheese, order a plain cheese sandwich instead.

6. Substitute white bread with whole grain breads.

7. Try making your own sandwiches using lean meats, whole grain bread, mustard, veggies and lesser amounts of fats. It takes 10 minutes to put it together, keeps your diet successful and saves you a whole lot of money.

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