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Baby Shower Theme Ideas

If you're getting ready to plan a baby shower, why not consider a theme? Themed showers are all the rage these days, and a baby shower theme can help make planning go smoothly. Here are some ideas for some great baby shower themes you can use:

Spa Day

A spa day theme can make a great baby shower! Either host your spa themed baby shower at an actual day spa, or have it at your home. Everyone can get facials and manicures, then dine on healthy spa fare like crudités, grilled veggies and mineral water. Ask each guest to bring a spa themed gift for the mom to be, so she'll have everything she needs to create a soothing spa environment in the privacy of her home.

Stock the Freezer

This is a baby shower theme where each guest brings a frozen entree to the expectant mother. This saves her the time and trouble of having to cook after the baby is born, yet allows her to have healthy home-cooked food rather than unhealthy fast food. A baby is a huge responsibility, and no new mom feels like cooking after giving birth.

Tea Party

A tea party can be a fun baby shower theme. Serve a variety of teas (decaf for the mom-to-be, please!) such as green tea, black tea, and various herbal teas, as well as traditional tea party fare like petit fours and finger sandwiches. Shower favors can be miniature teacups filled with candy or teabags wrapped in pretty tulle.

Books for Baby

Books for baby is a shower theme that helps the mom-to-be stock her baby's bookshelf. It's never too early to start reading, and this theme proves it! Each guest can bring a book for the upcoming arrival. You can even have a cake decorated to look like a children's' book.

Diaper Theme

Ah, the diaper theme -- a classic! Give a specific size assignment to each shower guest and have them bring a pack of diapers. You can play diaper themed games, and even have a special cake that resembles a diaper!

Rubber Ducky Theme

A rubber ducky theme is a cute way to celebrate the impending arrival. Have a cake that looks like a rubber ducky, and give each guest a rubber ducky as a party favor. You can even float a rubber ducky in a bowl of water made blue by food coloring. If you know where to look, you can find rubber duck themed invites, plates, and napkins.

If none of these themes appeal to you, then get creative and come up with your own themed baby shower using what you know about the mom-to-be and her favorite things!

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