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The Great Diaper Exchange Baby Shower

This themed baby shower is perfect for an expecting mom that already has a lot of baby items because she has had a baby before or for some other reason.


Create a diaper shaped invite. See the diaper card craft article.

On the invitations ask each guest to bring a package of different sized diapers as their gift. You can also ask a few people to bring packages of baby wipes. They can bring something else as well, but let them know that the theme for the shower is the "Great Diaper Exchange".


Create a centerpiece made out of diapers. See the diaper centerpiece craft article. On the treat table set out napkins folded like diapers and pinned with a safety pin. Gather up stuffed animals and put them in cloth diapers. Set them up around the room. You can have them hold up items or you can tie balloons to their hands.


Don't say "Baby"

As each guest arrives give them a safety pin. Explain that if they catch someone saying the word baby, they get to take that persons safety pin. The person with the most safety pins at the end of the party wins a small prize.

Pass the Diaper

Melt a chocolate candy bar inside a diaper. Have all of the guests sit in a circle. Turn on some music and have them pass the diaper. The person holding the dirty diaper when the music stops is out, and then play resumes. The last person gets a small prize. For an added twist you can also have each guest try to guess what kind of candy bar was used in the diaper. The people who get it right get that kind of candy bar as a prize.

Guess How Many

Fill a jar with safety pins. Pass it around and let guests guess how many there are. The person who is the closest wins a prize.

Diaper the Baby Relay

Have baby dolls of about the same size for every two people at the shower. Have diapers already on the baby dolls, and an extra diaper for each doll. When you say go the first person takes the diaper off the baby doll and the second person must put the new diaper on. The fastest couple wins a small prize.

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