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Games and Activities for Family Reunions

So, you're planning a family reunion. A family reunion is a great way that relatives can gather together and talk about old times, as well as catch up on what everyone is up to these days. To make your family reunion extra special, why not plan some fun games and activities? This can not only be fun for the kids in attendance, but the adults as well. Here are some ideas for fun things to do at your next reunion:

Karaoke: Karaoke is a fun activity that adults and kids alike can enjoy. And because it's family, even the worst singers can feel comfortable belting out their favorite tunes. You can rent a karaoke machine or simply purchase one. There are karaoke machines out there that are reasonable in price, although they might not be professional quality, they'll do the job!

Have a Cooking Contest: Ask family members to bring dishes or desserts to be entered into a contest. Each person can taste each dish, then vote on their favorite. Have a trophy or prize to present to the winner and runners up. This is not only fun, it provides your gathering with lots of extra food!

Play “Guess the Baby”: Find as many baby pictures of relatives as you possibly can. Even the kids can play this game. Then, post them on a large bulletin board and have people take turns trying to match the baby picture with who it belongs to. Hand out small prizes for the people who get the most correct.

Try Volleyball: A family volleyball tournament can be a fun way to spend the day. Split your clan into teams and set up a volleyball net. Give a prize or trophy to the winning team. If volleyball isn't your game, try softball or even touch football!

Do a Craft: One great idea is to do a craft or art project as a family. Try using a large mural crafted from a huge piece of heavy duty paper hung on the wall. Have every family member come and add their own special touch to the mural with a drawing, poem, sentence, signature, or picture. Children especially will love this activity, and you can even give them their own mural separate from the adults!

Have a Talent Show: A talent show is a fun way for everyone to show off their special skills while entertaining their relatives. Encourage relatives to sing, dance, do magic tricks, perform stand up comedy, or show off any other unique talent they may have. You can give everyone in the audience a ballot and have them vote for their fave, who would then win a certificate, trophy or other small prize.

There are countless other fun things you can do at your family reunion. Simply think about what your family likes to do. By taking into account aspects like how many children are in the family as well as what you think the adults would enjoy, you can figure out what kind of activities to have at your reunion.

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