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Heritage Family Reunion

Learn about your family heritage with your entire family. You could plan this family reunion for almost anywhere, but if you know where certain ancestors lived that might also be a fun place to plan the reunion.


The food can also become a great family reunion gift. Here's how: ask each family to bring a favorite dish, preferably something that reminds them of a special family moment or another family member. Ask them to write why the dish is special along with the recipe. After the reunion you can copy them and compile them all in a family heritage cookbook.


Get pictures of family members and ancestors and create a chart that shows how everyone is related. If you get stuck leave it blank maybe someone at the reunion will know. Have a storytelling time. Ask a few members of the family to tell stories about when they were younger or other family members. Everyone will get a kick out of the stories and you can video tape them so that the stories will be preserved for other generations.

Play get to know you games, especially if you have a large family. If you know of certain games or other hobbies that ancestors or grandparents liked, turn them into games or have a how to class. For example, one ancestor may have been a barrel maker so you could have a barrel rolling contest. Perhaps your grandfather loved to whittle as a boy. Have him show everyone how it is done.

The more you can learn about your family the more interesting the reunion will be, so get digging and find out some things you didn't know. Take pictures of the whole clan so that you document this part of the family's history.

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