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Double Your Fun With a Baby Shower for Twins

 by Carrie Grosvenor

Multiple births are becoming more and more common these days. What better way to celebrate the impending arrival of twins than with a special baby shower designed just for them? You don’t need to double your budget to have twice as much fun!


Chances are that most people invited to the shower will know that the mom-to-be is having twins. Even if that’s the case, you’ll want to set the mood right from the start with twin-inspired invitations. One great way to do this is to create your own invitations, with some thick paper like poster board or construction paper and a pair of scissors.

Decide what shape you’d like your invitations to be, for example the shape of a baby, a baby bottle, a pacifier, or any other baby-related item. Take your paper and fold it, accordion style, so there are two folds and three sections of overlapping paper. Draw or trace your shape so that you won’t be cutting completely through either side edge, and cut it out. Then open the three sections up and fold the side sections in, left over right. When you open the card, there will be a second flap to open before the details of the shower are found inside.

On the outside of the card, use simple decorations like paper stamps or scrap booking cut-outs, along with a caption, then a second caption in the middle section. For example, “The baby is coming!” on the front, and “And he’s bringing a friend!” in the middle. Or try “Two babies …” on the front, and “Means twice as much fun!” in the middle. Use your creativity and come up with captions of your own!

If you don’t have the time or patience to create your own invitations, you can customize store-bought cards to reflect the twin theme. Pick up a rubber stamp with a baby motif and stamp two pictures inside each card. Or find someone with a small child who can put tiny handprints inside the invitations – if you know the sexes of the babies, you can use blue and/or pink paint for the handprints. You can even pop a stick of Doublemint or Double Bubble gum in the card, to get people thinking about the number two.


Decorations are simple – just remember the magic of pairs. Helium balloons in groups of two can be tied with ribbon to baby bottles filled with colored sand or small candies, which will work as anchors. If the shower is being held outdoors, pairs of small balloons can be tied to wooden skewers and ‘planted’ in the garden.

You can make a pretty and unique garland to string along a mantle or staircase, or over a door, with a few simple items from the dollar store. Pick up some colored twisted paper (it looks like a rope, but is actually paper twisted tightly together), baby shoes or booties, and colored ribbon. Take your paper and untwist it to your desired width, then every few inches gather it together and tie a pair of booties on (remember, everything in pairs!) To hang, use florist wire or double sided tape.

Flowers are great additions to baby shower décor, but keep them simple and in twos for a twin shower. Float pairs of flower heads in small bowls filled with water, or put pairs of flowers in bud vases. To make quick, uniform bud vases, use empty clean Pringles’ containers, cut to your preferred height, and covered in colored paper or even baby-themed wrapping paper. Fill in any extra space with greenery from your garden. You could also use plastic cups inside small gift bags to hold flowers.

As long as you stick to the rule of two, you can use your imagination for decorating the shower location.

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