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Bathroom Remodeling
Give your bathroom a facelift

Painting and remodeling your bathrooms may be just what your home needs this spring. Every woman dreams of having a luxurious bathroom and there is no reason why she shouldn't have these things. By doing some basic remodeling and painting or wallpapering, the bathrooms can look as if they have had a major overhaul, without a major investment in time or money.

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Bathtubs & Faucets

Remodeling your bathroom provides the perfect opportunity to be really creative. There is little reason to replace major fixtures such as the bathtub or the cabinets, unless the bathtub is no longer in working order. If the tub and faucets are corroded with lime and rust, try a heavy duty lime and rust cleaner available at most grocery stores. If this doesn’t work, you can also try an epoxy tub and sink cleaning kit that will refurbish the look of your tub and sink for under $30. If the faucet handles seem beyond repair with a cleaner, these are a fairly inexpensive purchase at almost all home improvement stores.

Bathroom Accessories

To give your bathroom a sense of unity and an updated quality, consider changing cabinet and vanity handles along with the faucets and the light fixtures. You may also want to change out outdated towel racks, toilet paper holders or light socket covers. Most of these items will cost only a few dollars at home improvement stores but can really make your bathroom sparkle.

Choosing the Paint or Wallpaper Color for a Bathroom

The color of paint or wallpaper you choose for a bathroom is really important, since this should be one of the most relaxing rooms in the house. If you enjoy relaxing in the bath, you want to consider painting the room in peaceful, serene colors such as ocean tones. Hues of blue, green, and purple will make the stresses of your day seem to float away. If you, instead, want a high energy bathroom to help energize you for those morning showers that wake you up, choose colors that are vibrant such as reds, oranges and bright yellows. This will bring the feeling of sunlight into the room and get you ready to face the coming day.

Remember when selecting a color of paint, to always consider the color of the vanity, cabinets and countertops. As well, when you begin painting, always start painting the bathrooms with a mold and mildew primer. This will keep wallpaper or paint from peeling or chipping because of excess moisture in the small bathroom area.

Bathroom Flooring

If your remodeling includes new flooring in the bathroom, select flooring that holds up if water drops on it but will not become slippery when wet. Textured ceramic tiles and faux hardwood are options that can be quite appealing. Both are easy to maintain and will last a long time.

Bathroom Fixtures

A new vanity and the latest in lighting can also give your bathroom a brand new face. One-piece cultured marble vanities with the sink or sinks molded in are great choices and very easy to keep clean. Just about any shape and size you can image is available in these affordable fixtures.

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