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Propagation of Plants: Leaf & Stem Cutting

You can grow new plants in two ways; through harvesting seeds and growing new plants or through cuttings. Follow these steps and directions for creating new plants through cuttings.

Some plants produce new roots so easily, that all they need it water. Others need a little more help and may need rooting hormone to create new plants. Try the cutting in only water first to determine what will be best for the plant.

Leaf Cutting PropagationPart Leaf Cutting

1. Cut a leaf along the central vein.
2. Place the leaf lengthwise in moist compost and press the cut edge into the dirt.
3. Keep the compost moist and new plants should appear within a few weeks. These new plants can be planted individually.

Whole Leaf Cutting

This type of cutting is best used for succulent plants.

1. Cut a large healthy leaf from the plant.
2. Let the leaf dry for about 24 hours.
3. Push the end of the leaf into a moist soil. Keep the leaf down inside the soil, especially when watering.

Stem Cuttings

With younger plants it is more likely that stem cuttings will produce new plants.

1. Remove the end of a shoot and at least 3-4 inches of stem.
2. Remove the leaves from a third of the lower part of the stem.
3. Dip the end of the cutting in root hormone and tap off the extra hormone.
4. Put the cutting in a pot of moist compost.

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