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A Guide to Sturdy Perennials

When it comes to flowers, you can choose between annuals and perennials. The difference is that annuals last only one year, while perennials come back year after year. Perennials are a great value for any garden, and offer beauty and convenience. This is why many gardeners choose perennials for their various types of gardens. In this article, you'll learn more about some sturdy perennials that are ideal for everyone from the beginning gardener to the experienced horticulturist.

When it comes to strong, hardy perennials, you can't go wrong with ornamental grasses and decorative shrubs. However, many blooming flowers are quite strong as well. Check out the following list of sturdy perennials that are ideal for spring and fall planting. Some of them are planted from seed, others from bulb:

Geranium: The geranium is a sturdy perennial that can be grown in a variety of different conditions. This delicate yet strong flower comes in a variety of colors including red, pink, white, purple and even blue. Some people plant geranium as a ground cover, others use it to add color and beauty to their garden. Geraniums should be planted in the spring.

Hollyhock: The hollyhock represents one of the hardiest perennials. This tall plant features colorful blooms in shades like pink, rose, red, yellow and white. Hollyhocks should be planted in spring and will bloom from summer to fall. This plant is fairly deep rooted and will require plenty of room and depth.

Clematis: Clematis is another perennial that is planted in the spring. Some varieties of this climbing flower bloom in the fall, offering some much-needed color as the temperature drops. You'll find clematis available in a variety of different color choices, including white, red and purple.

Yarrow: Yarrow is a strong perennial that features flat topped blooms that are delicate in size and bright in color. Shades include bright pink, red, yellow and white. Yarrow needs full sun and does very well in hot, dry conditions. Like many perennials, planting should be done in the spring.

Iris: The iris comes in a wide variety of gorgeous colors, including purple, yellow and white. Many types of iris feature more than one color. There are different species of iris as well, including the bearded iris, Siberian iris and Louisiana iris, to name a few. Unlike other types of perennials, iris should be planted in mid to late summer or early fall.

The above choices represent only a few of the perennials available for gardeners to choose from. To learn more about different types of perennials, head to your local garden center and speak to a knowledgeable expert.

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