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Ideas for Re-Modeling Your Basement

Living space in your home is a precious commodity. If you would like to take advantage of all the space in your home then you may want to consider re-modeling your basement to make it more usable. Some of your options include designing a family room, designing a storage room, and designing a home theater room.

Storage Room

If you have an unfinished basement and you want to re-model it so that it can function as a clean storage room then you will need to start by roughing out a basic design. Walk through your basement and see if the floor is level. If the floor is not level then you will need to address this issue before you install shelving. Take a look around your basement to figure out what storage units you may want to install and where the best place for these storage units will be. Also look for water and heat hazards that you will need to work around or fix during your re-model. Some of the items that you can add to your basement to create a functional storage room include shelving units, cabinets, closets, and hooks.

Family Room

If you want to re-model your basement into a family room then your first step will be to make sure that your basement is a dry space. To do this you will want to seal cracks and treat the walls and cement flooring with a water proofer. Next you will want to select flooring that is designed for installation on cement floors. There is a product that has corrugation on the bottom of the flooring material that is treated to ensure the floor stays dry. To finish the walls of a basement you will need to either frame it in and drywall the walls, or you can use cement paint. To complete the family room you will need to finish the ceiling and install lighting and electrical outlets to facilitate a home entertainment system, lights, and heating. Furnish the family room based on your preferences.

Theater Room

Because most basements are dark already they are perfect for a home theater room. However, because of the electronics needed for a theater room you will need to make sure that your basement has been waterproofed. There are special water proofers and sealants that you can use to sure up your basement.

After your basement has been waterproofed you will need to lay out the design for your home theater room. This will not only help you come up with a list of electrical needs the room will have, but it will also help you to decide where you want speakers to go, where you want built in screens to go, and where pieces of electronics will go. With these things in mind you will be able to install your wiring before you finish your ceilings and walls. This will cut down on patchwork. After your electronics have been installed you can add your decorative touches and furnishings. You will probably want to start with painting the walls and ceiling and then install your flooring. Then add in finishing hardware and furnishings.

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