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Two Tone Color washing Painting Technique

This easy to do painting technique is perfect for adding depth and texture. It is also easy to repair so when you have finished, be sure to keep some of the paint mixtures in air tight containers for use later on.

Two Tone Color washing Painting TechniqueWhat you will need:

1. Matte latex pain for the base coat (I used lime green, but you can use any color)
2. Acrylic paint (Bright green was used for the example, with other colors you will want a brighter hue of the base coat)
3. Matte acrylic glaze
4. Paint pails
5. Roller and tray
6. Decorators sponge
7. Paintbrushes
8. Water


1. Paint the entire area with the base coat using a roller.
2. Allow the paint to dry.
3. Dilute 1 part bright green acrylic paint with 3 parts water.
4. Dip the decorator's sponge in water so it is moist.
5. Load the sponge with diluted paint.
6. Rub onto the wall in a figure eight motion and allow it to dry.
7. Repeat step six.
8. Dilute 1 part lime green matte latex paint with three parts water.
9. Add a little bit of matte acrylic glaze.
10. Using the sponge wash this paint over the other two layers.
11. Allow paint to dry.
12. Add patches of deep green glaze in some areas to add depth.
13. Repeat any steps necessary on any parts of the wall to make sure it looks the way you want it. Allow paint to dry.
14. Use a brush to apply clear glaze this will set the paint and protect it from damage.

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