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Vacation Spots - Most Popular Locations

This list of vacation spots has been arrived at after reviewing many aspects like the attractions in those places, their children-friendliness, the amusement that they provide to the family etc.

Come September and Paris beckons one and all. But, if you wish to avoid crowds, you could check it out in May or June. In other seasons, it pours down heavily in Paris. The other months are July and August which is not exactly rain-free, but it rains for an average of 8 days in these months. Eiffel Tower is without doubt one of most endearing attraction of Paris. Children and adults would love going up to the upper platforms of the tower from where one can witness the promenades and other sights of Paris with its symmetrical roads. A walk along the Seine River is pleasurable. Even better would be boat rides through which you can see the old buildings and bridges of this historic city. Rodin Sculpture Garden houses most of the artist Rodin's works. Then there is the Cathedral of Notre-Dame considered the most famous cathedral constructed in Gothic Style. It overlooks river Seine. Louvre is a large museum which accommodates thousands of visitors. Touted as world's greatest art-museum, you get to see some awesome works of Western artistes.

Among family-friendly vacation places, Walt Disney is one of the best in the world. There are four theme parks there namely, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios and Epcot. You need at least one day to cover each of these places. A trip to this place has to be carefully planned with reservations made in hotels along with other necessary arrangements.


Walt Disney is one of the best holiday destinations for the family. It is famous for family friendly atmosphere. It has four theme parks. The Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios and Epcot Center are the theme parks. The place abounds in many attractions in each of the parks. A trip to Walt Disney has to be planned well in advance. Reservations in hotels and flights are very essential.

Franklyn D Resort in Jamaica offers an intimate vacation for families in Jamaica in Caribbean Islands. Here you avail facilities ranging from spas to scuba. The cuisine is superb and kids are well tended to by ~Vacation Nanny~ services on the resort campus. Kids~ activities include teen's games room, toddler's playroom with ball pit, a mini-club and video games etc.

Whistler Bascomb Ski Resort is the best resort of its kind for families. It has two mountains for skiing and 17 restaurants on the mountain. It is also a place for partying. Located 1 1/2 hours north of Vancouver, it also has plentiful options for kids too like the Big Easy Terrain Garden, Kids' Centre, Olympic Station, KidsAdventure camp and so on.

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