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Planning a Spring Wedding

Spring is often thought of as the most romantic time of the year. It's also a very popular time to get married. After you've set a date for your wedding, the next step is to secure your location. While indoor locations like churches are still the most popular and traditional choice for most weddings, some people choose to get married outdoors. Whether or not an outdoor location will work for you will depend on your local climate and personal preferences. If you're expecting a warm spring, locations like a large backyard or beautiful park are ideal.


Decorating for your spring wedding should incorporate lots of spring flowers. Roses, lilies, tulips, carnations and daisies are all examples of spring flowers that are perfect for a wedding. In addition to the bridal bouquet, the flowers can serve as beautiful table centerpieces. Accent the blossoms with lots of healthy green foliage for a beautiful contrast. Coordinate your floral arrangements with your wedding colors. For spring weddings, pastel shades are quite popular. Think light shades of pink, yellow, or lavender accented with rich green. As a basic rule, steer clear of anything too dark or heavy.


For a spring wedding, apparel can be light and breezy. A traditional wedding gown with a short sleeve is ideal for a warm spring ceremony. For the bridesmaids' dresses, go for choices that feature light, floaty fabrics in light shades that coordinate with your wedding colors. The groom may want to wear a suit in a less traditional color like beige or brown. Navy blue is a good choice for the groom who wants to retain a sense of tradition yet doesn't want to wear black.


The menu for your spring wedding should feature flavors and foods that represent the season. Glazed ham adorned with pineapple and maraschino cherries makes a great main dish. Side dishes can include spring vegetables like fresh green beans and baby carrots. And don't forget spring fruits! Berries, watermelon and peaches are perfect incorporated into light dessert items like cobbler or shortcake. For your wedding cake, select your favorite flavor and decorate your cake with either edible spring flowers or pretty pastel frosting. One offbeat cake option is a carrot cake adorned with baby carrots crafted from orange and green frosting.

Wedding Favors

Another thing you'll need to consider is your wedding favors. Traditionally, rice for throwing at the bride and groom was given to guests. However, it was shown that rice is dangerous to birds, so this practice is rarely done anymore. Try handing out bundles of birdseed or miniature bottles of bubbles for guests to blow as an alternative to rice. Other fun favors for your spring wedding include packets of flower seeds, disposable cameras, votive candles or attractively wrapped candies.

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