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Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring is a time of bright new beginnings. Perhaps that's why so many people choose to get married in the springtime months. As you begin your life anew as part of a married couple, new flowers are beginning their lives as hopeful sprouts reaching for the sunlight. Flowers are especially abundant in the spring months, and you'll have no shortage of appealing choices for your wedding.

Budget Estimates

How much you'll pay for your flowers will depend on your wedding budget. As a general rule, your floral budget should be around 7 or 8 percent of your total wedding budget. It's not uncommon for flowers to cost in the thousands when they're a part of a lavish, extravagant wedding. If your wedding budget is moderate, then you can expect to pay around $1000 for your flowers. If you're a penny pincher or are keeping the proceedings small and simple, expect to pay around $150 or so for a quality bridal bouquet.

There are many great flowers you can choose for your spring wedding. Here are some top picks, categorized by month:

March -- The traditional flower for a March wedding is the daffodil. This bright yellow flower brings a sunny flair to any celebration. Other good choices for your March wedding are Bird of Paradise, Calla Lilies, and Tulip.

April -- The daisy is the traditional flower for the month of April. If daisies are a little small for your taste, then how about lavender, rose, carnation or freesia? These are all great choices for an April wedding.

May -- For the month of May, why not go with the traditional lily-of-the-valley? Other great choices for May wedding floral arrangements include rose, gardenia, orchid, and love in the mist.

Wildflower Bouquets

To incorporate spring's delicate beauty into your wedding celebration, why not try wearing spring wildflowers in your hair? For a spring wedding, your colors draw from the beauty of the natural world. Soft pastels in shades of pink, peach, purple, and even soft blue are great spring choices. Green is also very popular for spring weddings and reflects the abundance of nature.

No matter what colors you end up going with, you're sure to have a gorgeous spring wedding if you decorate with lots of beautiful spring-blooming flowers!

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