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I am obsessed with another guy at work even though I have a boyfriend.

Even though I have a boyfriend, I’ve got a crush on a guy at work. We dated for a while but when he told me that he no longer wanted to see me I stupidly offered to sleep with him whenever he wanted. He replied by telling me never to cheapen myself like this again.

Having a crush on a colleague is like catching a cold – they come and go. Unfortunately, you seem to be laid up with a severe bout of fever!

Maybe you were really in lust with him? Maybe you were just looking for a way to pass the time of day? – Often the case with office crushes. Or maybe, frustrations with your current relationship are the reason why you threw yourself at him?

An office crush can be silly and fun but it sounds as if you broke us gals’ golden rule by throwing yourself at a man. If word were to get around, your office-crush-gone-wrong will soon become the office-gossip-a-thon. Think about it: no self-respecting guy is going to look your way and the previously invisible second-raters from the IT department will soon stick to you like glue.

However, it sounds as if you’ve had a lucky escape with this guy as most men would have willingly swallowed your sex-on-tap offer.

As I said crushes “come and go”. Hopefully, this one will be no different.

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