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Little Things to Keep the Romance Alive

Don't you miss how you and your partner spent hours together hands in hand watching a sunset or walking on the beach. Well, so does he! Instead of being frustrated and dropping hints to him on how you feel, maybe you should start taking some steps to bring back romance in your life. Little things will bring back the spark and soon, your partner will also follow suit and enjoy the renewed romance in your lives.

Here are some little things that will keep the romance alive in your relationship whether you are married or even have kids to take care of:

1. Complements Never Fail: Your partner seems to have forgotten to notice when you wear a new dress or try a new shade of lipstick or do your hair in a different way. But what about you? Do you notice when he suddenly look much more handsome on a particular day? Take time out of your work and kids to notice his looks and complement him. It's not only just the looks. Encouraging complements on his work, achievements and what a great Dad he is, will motivate and re-energize him.

2. Take Interest in His Life: Maybe it bores you to death when he spends a whole day in the garage painting or washing his car and you simply cannot stand when he watches one of those never-ending automotive shows on TV, but do think again. They are not that boring really. Maybe once or twice, you could really find yourself interested in how beautiful a certain new car looks or how an old car gets converted to a brand new one. Take some interest, give your own ideas and comments and if you are really dumb on the topic, ask questions about it! He will be glad to answer and even more glad that you asked.

3. Go for a Ride: It might seem impossible to plan and go out for a ride what with cooking for the entire family, dropping kids to their school, shopping for groceries, picking up kids from school and then cooking again. But how about squeezing it in when doing one of your errands together. When returning from the grocery store, take a longer route and spend time talking to each other.

4. Listen to Music: Of course not at home! You would hardly be able to persuade your kids to give up listening to their favorite songs and play your own and neither will you find the time. Use your car for that purpose. Whenever you are together in the car, play your favorite songs. Every couple has songs that are special for them. Burn a CD of just those songs and keep it in the car so you can listen to it whenever you find time together.

5. Get Physical: Not in that way, we mean. A soothing touch when he is feeling down, holding hands when in a crowd, a hug when he has excelled in some way or the other or simply a touch on his shoulder when you pass by his chair. It all does wonders to any relationship. If you can find after the kids go to bed, spend time cuddled on the couch browsing a magazine together or watching TV or simply talking.

6. Little Surprises: A post-it-note saying 'I have fallen in love all over again.....with YOU!' or a love note in his lunch box or a simple 'I Love You' SMS will make his day. We all need to know how much we are loved. Take some effort and cook him his favorite dish (that you never make because everybody else in the family detests it). Buy him a gift or surprise him by giving him time off from any of his regular errands. Decorate your bedroom for a romantic evening together or plan a surprise candle-light dinner.

7. Pamper Him: On a Sunday, plan a surprise 'Pamper Routine' for him. Give him a facial or a back or foot massage (or a combination) along with a hot oil massage. It will soothe his aching body and relax his mind as well. When the massage is done, give him the luxury of a aromatic bath that you prepared beforehand.

8. Go Back in Time: Romantic memories will re-kindle the romance in your lives. Talk about those times and see photo albums of your honeymoon and other vacations together. Take out all your memorabilia - love cards, little gifts, notes, the first rose, locks of hair etc. and remember what went into each memory.

All these little things will help keep the flame of romance burning and give you a happier married life with your beloved.

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