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What Husbands Want

Though marriage is assumed to be a concept of sharing and caring each other, in reality it is quite different. When both souls start living together, priorities of both individuals take their tolls on each other’s life. It is very important to know that your priorities will be changed after your marriage. It does not imply that marriage is all about sacrificing your priorities. It means setting your priorities well below those of your partner.

Though the principle of adjustment is applicable to both the partners, it is well understood that the female partner can play a significant role in maintaining the relationship stronger and better. This is because the females possess certain inherent qualities that make them understand their partners beyond the normal communication. There are many things that a husband expects from his wife after marriage. Those who cannot understand the psychology of their husbands can get a gist of their minds from the following hints.

What they want and what they don’t want

They wish to be cared for: Women are the incarnation of mothers. So are their roles in every relationship. A motherly love can do wonders in relationships. Even if your husband is a high-profile executive or an astronaut, when it comes to relationships, he is like a small kid who crave for love, more and more. And it is you alone who can pour the incessant love to him.

They want 100% honest wife: This is one of the fundamentals of relationship. The moment you feel you are away from your husband, express your views to him openly and try to avoid the possible conflicts.  Try to remain separately for a few days and rethink your decision before getting separated.

They wish you know their accomplishments: Whether it is a personal achievement or a career improvement, you should be aware of what is going on in his life, especially the positive sides of his life. Compliment him for his achievements. But your compliment should not be like a flattery. The fact is that men are the best preys of flatteries if done in a good sense; on the other hand, it may backfire if you exaggerate it.

They do not want to be degraded: If your husband is not a Mr. Perfect, don’t express your feeling in front of him. If he forgets his duties and ignores your life altogether, your relationship may suffer. In these situations too, you are not going to gain anything by shouting at him or giving him advice. Men neither like criticism nor advice, especially from their better halves.

They do not want to change themselves: It is a general principle that you cannot change anyone on earth. You would rather change yourself than expecting a change from him. If you are annoyed with his chain smoking, you may better adjust yourself to the new unhealthy lifestyle than distancing from the sweet relationship. If you change yourself, there are chances that your husband will appreciate you and change himself.

Go, get your life changed altogether with an unconditional love.

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