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Parenting Tips - Earache

This advice/tip is on how to deal with the pain of an earache. I have had so many problems my self with earaches since I was months old and till this day when I get one which is not often, the only thing that actually takes the pain away is a warm towel, rag, shirt.

What ever it is you can iron, dry in the dryer to make warm, or any other methods of warming something nicely, one friend even put a rag in the microwave to heat it up! Put it next to your child's ear and see that the fussiness will go away and calm your kid from all the pain. It's comforting and it works.

My friend has more kids than I do, but when I told her that tip, she told me it helped and that she would have never thought of it. I learned it from my mom, now I'd like to share it with all parents.


Sent in by Sarem for 'The Mommies Contest' 2003.

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