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Star Chart - Encourage Good Beahvior in your kidsStar Chart - Encourage Good Behavior

Star Chart
For kids aged 2+

You Will Need:-

The backside of a plastic laminated poster
A permanent marker and ruler
A regular felt pen

This is without doubt the most effective "start good behaviour" method I have ever seen. I cannot take credit for it in fact I don't even know the inventor, all I know is, it works in THIS house!

Decide on the things you would most like done "better" by your child(ren). Perhaps it's putting shoes away, sharing toys with siblings, helping with chores when asked, good routine when getting ready for bed, etc. With the permanent marker, write or draw these points on the side of the chart (see example). Also, write their name(s) on the chart too. Finally, write or draw the acceptable goodie rewards you are happy to hand out, i.e. a few cookies, little bag of raisins and cherries, a cartoon to watch, etc.

You are set! Announce the rules! Tell the child(ren) for each good thing they do, they will get a STAR!!!!! their EYES light up when they get the first one!!! Using a regular felt pen, give them a star by their name. If they do something that is particularly kind or helpful and not on the chart, that earns a star too (making bed unprompted, offering to help peg the washing out etc). You MUST put the stars on when they earn them, or they will soon realise you are not sticking to the deal. Wipe the chart clean once they have reached 10. Make a good fuss of each one they get and tell them well done!

On the other hand, bad behaviour gets a star wiped off....boy, watch their faces THEN...they are devastated!!! When they reach 10 stars, its big fuss time and you hand out the reward you have agreed on. Vary it, from a special foodie treat, to a little car or some new pens (stuff they would generally get anyway). This is their the kudos that goes with being SUCH a good child, they have EARNED 10 stars!!! This is a portable system too, ideal for use in the supermarket or at a friends house. Just make a note and put it in your bag to add to the star chart when you get home. If you want any more details on this, drop me a note.

Have fun! Tracey Smith, mum to Alex 5, Ryan 4 and Abby 2. It works for me ~ something had to with 3 little critters...!


Sent in by Tracey Smith from France for 'The Mommies Contest' 2003.

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