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Parenting Stepchildren

If being a parent isn't challenging enough, being a step parent will certainly provide all the challenges you need. It certainly has its rewards as well, but sometimes finding ways to keep things running smoothly can be frustrating.

When your stepchildren visit your home, things can be difficult for them too. They go from one home with one set of rules to another home that has a different set of rules. There are also going to be issues with parenting styles, so try to understand these things and use this knowledge to help you find workable solutions.

One way to smooth the transition from one home to the other is to make sure that stepchildren understand what is expected of them. The rules should be made very clear, and the kids should be treated the same way you treat your own kids.

In an effort to make friends, the new stepparent is often tempted to bend the rules a bit for his or her stepchildren when they visit. Not only does this slow down the transition process, but it is also unfair to your own children.

It's a good idea to sit down and discuss the rules, how they are enforced, and how things differ at home. If your stepson stays up as late as he wants at home, it may be difficult to enforce a bedtime when he visits. Make it clear that in your home, every child has a bedtime. Explain that parents need some adult time after children go to bed. You might want to come up with a bit of a compromise, which allows Johnny to stay up a little longer as long as he goes to his room when the other children go to bed and only engages in quiet activities.

Then, explain to your own children that Johnny is not being favored, it's just that his mom or dad does things differently. You are trying to make Johnny feel comfortable in your home.

As long as things are discussed openly, everyone should be able to adjust with a little time and patience.

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