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Children and Speech Defects

Age appropriate delays in speech pattern are normal and are not a concern for treatment. Speech defect patterns often run in families. If you believe that your child may have a developmental delay in speech, proper assessment is crucial. Your child’s pediatrician can assist you in assessing whether your child has a speech impairment.

Although omissions in speech patterns, such as a missing or mispronounced “r” or “p,” may appear cute, they often signal a more severe situation. Quite often, these mispronunciations are indicative of speech impairment. Fortunately, solutions are readily available.

Most school districts have a professional speech therapist available to administer speech therapy to a child who has been diagnosed with a speech impediment. Private speech therapists are also available and generally charge by the half hour. Once diagnosed, speech therapy should be started immediately.

A child with speech problems may experience frustration due to the inability of others to properly understand him. It is important to the child’s self-esteem that you begin therapy immediately. A trained professional generally provides therapy; however, it is crucial that someone at home reinforces the therapy.

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